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Payment problems solved!

  1. Date: Wed 28. Sep 2016, 08:33
  2. by: Crispy
Dear rconNET users,

the payment system should now work properly again!

kind regards

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Added Battlefield 4 Dragon Valley 2015 map

  1. Date: Wed 16. Dec 2015, 20:22
  2. by: Crispy
Added Battlefield 4 Dragon Valley 2015 map.

Have Fun.

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BF4 XP6 Operation Outbreak

  1. Date: Tue 27. Oct 2015, 10:16
  2. by: Crispy
Added XP6 Map Operation Outbreak.

Have Fun.

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Added Battlefield Hardline Robbery DLC

  1. Date: Wed 30. Sep 2015, 19:58
  2. by: Crispy
  • added Hardline Robbery DLC maps
  • Fixed some bugs with the map names and images
  • added Gamemode Bounty Hunter

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rconNET Update v1.16

  1. Date: Sun 16. Aug 2015, 10:33
  2. by: Crispy
Dear rconNET users,

an rconNET update as been released:

Change log:
  • added Battlefield Hardline Criminal Activities support
  • rconNET will support EVERY further DLC without update!!!
  • added GunMaster support for BF4
  • fixed VoteMap Plugin to work with all gamemodes

There will be an additional update today or during the next week to fix major issues. Therefore I would please you, to write down up to 3 wishes/problems, to determine what are currently the most needed updates.
Please only serious posts. Thank you.

Flame post will be deleted without any warning and your account might be blocked or banned.

[Edit by Knecht_Ruprecht]
Summary so far
  1. Scheduler needs updating it crashes a lot
  2. Forbidden weapons don't fully work with bf3,bf4,bfh (Advanced Balancer is not working correctly is balancing the whitelist player and if i use the list of Use global whitelist in Advanced Balancer then is working) [2 votes]
  3. Ticket count for bf4 and bfh don't work we
  4. Metabans http://metabans.net/showthread.php?2740 ... -suspended [3 votes]
  5. Try to put more plugins for bf3, like insane limit on procon (which not allow guys to join on server if that player have K/D more than 3,5 for example)
  6. Modus BountyHunter fehlt leider in Hardline noch
  7. bug in the Votemap plugin, with every vote he constantly shows in the list for voting last map from maplist number
  8. fix gun master presets
  9. Auto round restarter so if players leave it restarts the round and tickets restart
  10. Custom join message plug in for example Rconnet Devolper Crispy is joining the server
  11. A cheat detector
  12. Joint ein Spieler der Whitelist mit "aggresssive Join", erhält der dafür gekickte Spieler keinen Hinweis auf Reserved Slot sondern erhält im Battlelog nur die Nachricht vom Admin gekickt. Wär super wenn da sowas wie SRY, Reserverd Slot stehen würde.
  13. Ausserdem wäre noch ein Tages-Ban ganz nett. Also z.B. "dban" 2für 4 Stunde
  14. Classic mode support
  15. Balancer could do with balance player with last players joined
  16. !rules option so it doesn't spam so if Admin does !rules it goes goes to all players do !rules it just goes to them
  17. Kill streak announcer could do so if they die many times it will announce
  18. Forbidden Weapons if the player got revived it not work any more
  19. loadout on spawn plugin
  20. Reserved Slots Copy player name to other servers
  21. New better easy interface (Like BFrcon) and better stats page which is editable like the layout etc.
  22. RconRulz (ProconRulz) so we can make our own script/rules.

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BF Hardline

  1. Date: Tue 17. Mar 2015, 21:13
  2. by: Crispy
Added Battlefield Hardline support.

Note: This a first update to provide fast Hardline support. Note that not all features are working properly yet. Please report any issues! Thank you!

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Squad Obliteration

  1. Date: Wed 4. Mar 2015, 11:40
  2. by: Crispy
Added Squad Obliteration Gamemode *

*Squad Obliteration is only available for the following maps: MP_Siege; MP_Abandoned;
MP_Resort; MP_Tremors; MP_Navals; MP_Journey; MP_Prison.

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Final Stand

  1. Date: Tue 18. Nov 2014, 12:37
  2. by: Crispy
Added XP4 Mappack (Final Stand)

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Dragons Teeth

  1. Date: Tue 15. Jul 2014, 21:28
  2. by: Crispy
added XP3 Mappack (Dragons Teeth)

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rconNET Update v1.12

  1. Date: Fri 25. Apr 2014, 16:41
  2. by: Crispy
  • added Carrier Assault mode to Votemap Plugin
  • added Carrier Assault mode to Free Slot Controller Plugin

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