rconNET Admin Tools

rconNET for Battlefield 3

BF3 rconNET is a Server-Administration-System (Admin tool) for Battlefield 3, devloped in JAVA and is running as a deamon on a dedicated Linux server. rconNET gives you the ability to administrate your BF3 server via a comfortable webinterface. You don't need to download any Software! You can manage everything via the webinterface.

BF3 rconNET provides a full Admin and Subadmin management system. You can create subadmins and set their privileges on the webinterface and ingame commands.

BF3 rconNET featurelist:

  • Ingame admin system with different access rights. List of Ingame Commands
  • Create Subadmins for you clanmates to access the webinterface
  • Manage server settings
  • Serverinfo
  • Scoreboard
  • MySQL Player Database
  • Kick/Ban/Move players
  • Move players to any team and squad
  • Chat and chatlog
  • Edit maplist
  • Scheduler automated messages
  • Highping kicker
  • Plugin-Interface
  • Multi-language support


  • Team Kill Punisher
  • End of Round Ticket Logger
  • Votekick/Voteban
  • KPD Kicker
  • Hall of Shame Bans
  • Kill Rate Kicker
  • Country kicker
  • Player Ranks
  • Chat Filter
  • Welcome Messages
  • Free Slots Controller
  • Force Squad
  • Advanced Balancer
  • Forbidden Weapons

And many more!!! Development still in progress!