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Re: rconNET Update v1.12

by pmg-sprayer41 » Mon 2. Apr 2018, 13:32

why is their no update about rcon net being down for a week in the news section
we depend on this program working for owe servers you know

when its down we have no auto balance and all of the bf3 settings are down
like, NO vote Kick , No Vote Bans , No admin tools , No auto balance, No rules , No server spam , No plugins work nothing.

when rcon net goes off line its bad their is no one to contact, about it to restart the rconnet servers,
no one to complain to, no forums, NOTHING, and nothing works in the bf3 servers.

this is not acceptable some of us have payed $$$$ money to use this program.

i all so pay $24.00 euros to have a server that players now leave and go some were else to play this has made my server DEAD.

and now i have been forced to use procon and spend days making it work.and trying to find out of date and plugins that don't work.

server admins like me that use this program should have a contact number or help number or some thing send to the servers ip that we have linked to this program telling us why its down and how long it will be down for their isnot even a support ticket we can place its just gone off line

mean while my players go some were else.
seems i have to shut down my server until rconnet is back on line so in a way rconnet should have to pay me for a weeks down time which is in euros
this has killed off my bf3 servers, game play, and customers,

plz tell us why rconnet was down for so long in the NEWS section which never gets updated and is out of date.

plz notify us admins when its going down via a different means
seems the forums and news section goes down with rconnet.,

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