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server crashes due to RCON disconnections (maybe)

by alexxxkor12 ยป Wed 26. Nov 2014, 17:56

Hi dear guys!

I'm having crashes of my 3 servers (with 3 different providers) few times a day last days and the kind of crases is that the servers suddenly kicks all players with the reason "something went wrong", but after that the servers don't restart or slt. As today I found the following rcon LOG appearing at one of the servers (Multiplay):
http://f-picture.net/lfp/s017.radikal.r ... fc.png/htm
Now I'm waiting for reply from
Multiplay regarding their opinion of the issue's reason.

But, for the other server, on the same issue, I received the following reply from the provider staff, where thay deem the reason is - disconnections of the servers to Rcon: http://s42.radikal.ru/i095/1411/e1/f285adf443d9.png

Please, tell your opinion, could the issues with my servers be due to some troubles with Rcon, or may be you know what is this from your previous experience.

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